Pos Driver Lst Rnd Total
1Keith Cronin30J129J
2Fredrik Ahlin15128*J
3Matt Edwards22J94J
4Rhys Yates1270J
5Osian Pryce-66J
6Martin McCormack-57J
7Jamie Anderson-39J
8David Bogie-37J
9Alex Laffey030J
10Callum Devine830J

Rally fans are some of the hardiest spectators on the planet. They have to brave the elements to witness the challenges that the competitors face as they battle each other and the clock over the most demanding stages that the organisers can create.

The chance to witness the extraordinary talents of the drivers inevitably leads to an assault on the senses of speed and noise, not to mention the smell of hot oil and glowing brakes – for many this is what attracts them to the stages.

Each event will produce a comprehensive rally programme that will contain information on the locations of the special stages, the times, entry lists and interviews and reviews on the stars and previous results.

Most important of all is the safety information– designed to keep everyone safe and ensure that we can all go home again after a great day’s fun and entertainment.

The Championship and rally organisers will have done all the pre-event planning possible to identify the safest possible viewing areas for you. Please use them.

Please also listen to the marshals and follow their instructions. Similarly, please adhere to any instructions given by the safety cars that precede the rally cars. If you do not follow the instruction, you run the risk that the stage will be cancelled and you won’t get to see any rally cars at all.

Please remember that when a rally car is out of control, it could go anywhere. Expect the unexpected at all times and take full responsibility for your safety and that of others around you.


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