Sail away with Stena Line


Pos Driver Lst Rnd Total
1Keith Cronin30J129J
2Fredrik Ahlin15128*J
3Matt Edwards22J94J
4Rhys Yates1270J
5Osian Pryce-66J
6Martin McCormack-57J
7Jamie Anderson-39J
8David Bogie-37J
9Alex Laffey030J
10Callum Devine830J

The Prestone MSA British Rally Championship is pleased to announce the continued partnership with Stena Line – one of the world’s leading ferry companies, providing discounted rates for competitors to cross the Irish Sea next season.

The offer from Stena Line will enable UK crews to travel to Ireland to tackle the John Mulholland Motors Ulster Rally in August. Similarly Irish competitors can consider a full assault on the BRC with discount to crews traveling to the UK to contest Britain’s premier rallying series. The discounted rates will enable cars, vans, motorhomes, rigid and artic vehicles to travel between the two rallying havens.

Prestone BRC Championship Manager Iain Campbell is delighted with the continued partnership into 2018.

“It is great to have Stena Line onboard once again for the 2018 season,” enthused Campbell

“The fantastic deal will enable competitors who may have dismissed the Irish round due to cost actually revaluate their plans and try and put together a full campaign by making their budget go further.

“Simultaneously we hope to see Irish competitors take advantage of this offer to travel to the UK and compete in the BRC as well as their home championships.”

The Stena Line discounted rates are only available for registered BRC Championship competitors. Further details regarding the championship and travel incentive are available through Iain Campbell, Prestone BRC Championship Manager.

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