Prestone Motorsport News Junior BRC


Pos Driver Lst Rnd Total
1Keith Cronin30J129J
2Fredrik Ahlin15128*J
3Matt Edwards22J94J
4Rhys Yates1270J
5Osian Pryce-66J
6Martin McCormack-57J
7Jamie Anderson-39J
8David Bogie-37J
9Alex Laffey030J
10Callum Devine830J

For drivers under 26 years of age in R2 homologated cars, competing for a substantial cash prize of £30,000 to the champion.

Open to any driver under the age of 26, the Junior BRC will be a competitive proving ground for crews as they have the chance to tackle some of the best forest stages and Tarmac tests in the British Isles in FIA-homologated R2 cars.  The number of tyres used per round will be restricted to keep costs to a minimum and to create a level playing field for all competitors in the class.

The series will take in all seven BRC events, however, drivers will only carry their best five scores towards the championship. Every crew will have to play a Joker to play on one of the rounds for which they can score extra points, up to a maximum of 5 points on top of their usual score.

A Cadet BRC class has also been developed for drivers under 25 years of age.  The Cadet BRC is there for crews who are looking to learn the stages, stage craft and pace-note making whilst not under the pressure of the full R2 class.  Restricted to Vauxhall ADAM Cup cars, Ford Fiesta 1.6 R2 and Ford Fiesta R2T National specification cars.

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