Border Counties Rally
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2016 Results

Pos Driver Lst Rnd Total
1Elfyn Evans50185J
2Tom Cave30101J
3Jonathan Greer1275J
4Fredrik Ahlin065J
5Josh Moffett-52J
6Desi Henry2049J
7David Bogie1046J
8Matt Edwards1626J
9Martin McCormack-18J
10Rhys Yates017J

The class for FIA R3 cars that has been dominated by Citroen‘s DS3 in the past but which also includes the Toyota GT86 and Renault Clio.

Toyota won the manufacturer’s section of this class with their new GT86 in 2016.  Bringing rear-wheel, sideways action back to the stages.  Chris Wheeler and Yan Griffiths took the driver and co-driver honours in the well developed Citroen DS3.

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